Do you offer Day of Coordination?

The short answer? No, we do not... but keep reading!

In reality "day of coordination" doesn't exist. Some newer or inexperienced planners may market their services as "day-of", but truly it takes more preparation to ensure your wedding day runs like a well-oiled and picture-perfect machine, than what can be accomplished on the day (or month) before.


That is why we offer our clients Wedding Management!

Why do you require a consultation before providing a quote?

This question has a two part answer:


Just as you and your fiance's relationship is unique, so will your wedding be.

The ideas, expectations, and priorities you have for your wedding will likely be different than another couple's. This is why we take the time to listen and really understand your desires before creating a custom-tailored quote.

We'll be spending many hours together over the course of your engagement, so it's important that we both feel like it's a great connection! We would never want you to book with us just based on dollar signs and the words on a screen. 

Why should I hire a Wedding Planner?

This is a question with endless answers! Since you don't have days to listen to all the benefits of hiring a Planner or Coordinator, check out our blog post:

When should I book my 

Wedding Planner or Coordinator?

The best time to hire a Wedding Planner or Coordinator is anytime after you're engaged!

Experienced Planners book far in advance- sometimes 18+ months out. So if you've found someone you connect with and who understands your vision, book them! Even if you're not quite ready to start planning, you should secure a Planner or Wedding Manager early.

My venue provides an in-house coordinator/banquet manager.

 Why do I need an outside Wedding Planner/Coordinator?

Venue coordinators play an important part in your wedding, but when it comes down to it, they don't have the same job as a Wedding Planner.


Click here to read more about the difference between a Venue Coordinator and a Wedding Coordinator / Planner!

How do I book my wedding date?

After your initial consultation, you'll be sent a quote and an invoice. We require a signed Booking Agreement and a retainer of 50% of your total balance to reserve your wedding date and begin planning. 

Do you plan weddings outside of Houston? Do you have a travel fee?

We service the Houston and surrounding areas, as well as cities throughout Texas and beyond! Any travel or accommodation fees associated with your wedding will be included in your custom quote.

Have you worked at our venue?

Maybe! With so many amazing wedding venues in the Houston and surrounding areas, there is just no way for any Planner to have worked at each one.


If your venue is one we haven't been to before, we'll make sure to schedule a walk-through prior to your wedding day to familiarize ourselves with the space and get acquainted with the staff! 

How many weddings do you plan/coordinate each month?

We take a limited number of weddings per year depending on the level of service of each event. There are busy and slow seasons, so some months we may have one or two weddings, and others we may have four or five.

We do not take more than one wedding on a single day.

Do I have to use the vendors from your Preferred Professionals List?

Of course not! You are welcome to use just about any wedding professional you'd like, but we do ask that they are licensed and insured professionals. 

Do you take kickbacks or commissions from vendors you refer to your clients?

No. We feel that "kickbacks" are not an ethical way to do business, and ask that if a  vendor insists on providing us with some sort of compensation for the referral, that it be in the form of a discount for our client. 

We want you to trust that our Recommended Professionals are hand-picked for you, because we believe they are the best fit for your wedding.

Will you set up and break down my decor?

Our role on your wedding day is to oversee your team of Wedding Professionals, troubleshoot any problems that may arise, and ensure your day runs smoothly. 


Because of this, we limit decor set up to your "accessories" such as: Guest book, card box, toasting flutes, cake knife, programs, table numbers, etc.. We do provide styling for weddings we have designed


You can add more extensive set up and break down to your package for an additional fee, but we encourage you to hire professional and full service vendors for all aspects of your wedding.

Not finding the answer you're looking for? Send us an email or schedule a consultation to learn more about our process and services.