Water to Wine Events: 2019 Year in Review

2019 was an amazing year for Water to Wine Events! We were blessed to see 20 new couples start their married lives together, work with 18 venues, countless amazing wedding professionals, participate in two Bridal Extravaganzas, take brand photos, and start relationships with lots of new 2020 and 2021 Brides and Grooms!

Let's dive right in to how we started out 2019!

Bridal Extravaganza Winter '19! For this show my AMAZING husband and in-laws worked for hours (with the flu, I might add), to help build this beautiful booth set up for me! (more photos further down in July) It's so amazing, and crafted perfectly for the show- down to the storage in the back! As you can see by the photo above, it was exhausting and there were many late nights counting down to the show. I couldn't do these shows alone, and my wonderful momma is always there to support me and talk with anyone who comes by!

First wedding of 2019! Josh and Kimbre were married at Big Sky Barn in January. We had the opportunity to work with Silhouette Studio and Monroe Wedding Films, among other great wedding professionals!

In February, my good friend Brianne married her best friend, Justin! Brianne is the amazing human who has helped me with all things graphic design for my brand (there is so much more to it, but that is a whole other post!) Brianne and Justin's wedding at The Springs in Angleton was so much fun! Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Jones

We traveled to Vegas in March for Kristen and Richard's wedding! Full disclosure- I advised Kristen during her planning process, and assisted in managing the wedding day schedule, but the ladies at The Wedgewood Las Vegas handled most of it! I just had to include this one in here, because Kristen has been one of my best friends for the past 9 years! Photo courtesy of LoveWild Photography

This year I had a goal to launch my new website, and photos that represent my brand were severely needed! I had the opportunity to work with the amazing Christine Gosch, who not only captured these stunning details and beautiful bride, but made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera myself - NOT an easy thing to do! I also got to work with one of my favorite florists, Ode to Joy Flowers.

Rachel and Doug were married at Bridal Oaks in March. Jackie Trejo Events created absolute floral magic, which C. Baron Photography captured beautifully! One of my favorite bouquets of the year!

Madeleine and Tyler's wedding at The Houstonian was SO much fun! Both the Best Man and Maid of Honor gave fabulous toasts, and the couple's first dance was to one of my favorite songs, Book of Love (shout out to to all of my fellow Scrubs fans!). Video courtesy of Uptime Film Company

Spring continued with our largest wedding of the year! Jessica and Jivar hosted nearly 400 of their loved ones in the Phantom Ballroom at Hotel Zaza. There was a pianist, American band, Arabic band, Mariachi band, and even a live cigar roller! It was a blast! Photo Courtesy of Steve Lee Photography

Nicole and Alex know how to have a good time! Every time I met with Nicole, it was like I'd been hit with a blast of energy! Their wedding at The Houston Event Venue was so cool, and their families love each other sincerely. There were SO many details that Kristen Giles captured- that is a blog in itself (that let's be honest, I should've posted 8 months ago). Plus, I got to work with my friend Amie from College Park Flowers, which is always a good time.

May and Steven's wedding was also a beautiful melting of cultures! They had a Vietnamese tea ceremony, then a SUPER quick change before their western-traditional ceremony at The Dukessa. Fun fact: every single "event" of May & Steven's wedding started perfectly on time- ceremonies, dances, cake cutting - down to the exact minute! Photo courtesy of Mark L. Simmons Photography

Jenna and Nathan! My good friend and favorite film photographer, Christine Gosch introduced me to Jenna, and we instantly hit it off! Most of our meetings ended up running over by hours due to going off into personal conversations, and I wouldn't have had it any other way! This was also the first wedding I had the pleasure of working at two of my favorite venues, Sacred Heart Cathedral and The Bryan Museum Conservatory in Galveston, where Water to Wine Events is a preferred Planner!

Risa and Albert were married at Annunciation Catholic Church and hosted their reception at The Crystal Ballroom at The Rice. Risa and I met at a martial arts school where I worked at the receptionist and she attended as a student! I'm so glad she allowed me to be a part of her day! Photo courtesy of Sarah Kelly Photography

Hannah and Brian were such a joy to work with. They both have such a heart for Christ, and almost every wedding decision they made was run through the perspective of their guest's comfort and enjoyment! Their wedding day at The Springs Venue was hot hot hot, but I nearly forgot about being a sweaty mess due to their sweet spirits and getting to work with my good friends: Brianne Hardcastle Photography, Monica's Bride's, and Small Town-Big Cakes (my momma!)

Laura and Joseph's ceremony was at Christ Church Cathedral, just across the street from their reception at The Magnolia Hotel. Laura's family was so kind, and her dad had everything planned and organized down to the smallest detail! I've never seen a father of the bride come to meetings with a binder 4" thick! Photo courtesy of Genovese Studio

Angela and Ryan got married at The Cotton Gin NO 116 in Brookshire! This venue is so quaint and interesting! Not only was it a working cotton gin at one point, but it was a restaurant where I ate as a little girl with my family! It was the perfect backdrop for A&R's wedding day! Photo courtesy of Giverny Wedding Photo & Film

Bridal Extravaganza, summer 2019! What a show! This go-around we (and by we, I mostly mean Blake) upgraded the booth a bit, and met SO many Brides and Grooms who became Water to Wine couples! For the 3rd show in a row, my lovely momma helped me work, talked with all the brides, and made sure I ate! Thanks to Amie of College Park Flowers for the beautiful arrangement! PS, that pathetic looking pup was in trouble for eating all SIXTY COOKIES I made for vendors at the show.

Sara and Miguel's wedding at The Houston Club was classic and timeless. Sara had a vision of the colors she wanted to use, and allowed me to help bring her vision to life along with Amie from College Park Flowers! Their day was beautifully captured by the wonderful Photography by Danielle (who has the best instagram handle ever: @rainbowglittertornado)

Anastasia and Matthew were married at the gorgeous Sandlewood Manor (one of my favorite venues) in November. Their day was bright and beautiful with blooms from the talented Dream Bouquet, and to top it off, they had the most adorable "flower-dog", Peaches! Photo of the Bride courtesy of Ryan R Jones Photography

Hailey and I met at Bridal Extravaganza, and bonded over our mutual love of the color black! She and Micah got married at Big Sky Barn on a gorgeous day in November. Photo courtesy of Ivan Garcia Studio

The dance floor was PACKED during Breanne and Alvaro's reception at The Sam Houston Hotel! Cesar, owner of Unique Style Productions had everyone up and dancing all night! Their day was classic and beautiful. Photo courtesy of Angela Lauren CO

Lesley was her own "something blue" in a custom gown by Renegade Bridal. She married Herb in the repurposed pilot's lounge at Flying L Ranch before their family-style reception in the hangar. Mother Flower helped bring Lesley's vision to life, which was documented perfectly by Emily Fuselier Photography. Also, I saw 14 deer and a porcupine on my way home from their wedding, so that was an added bonus!

Big and bright! That is the best way to describe both Misha and Tommy's wedding and personalities! Their wedding was full of fun, unique, and grand details including a 3d model of the couple nestled inside their cake and the teal and purple petticoat under the bride's dress.

Our last wedding of the year was at The Bryan Museum Conservatory in Galveston, and to say I'm excited to see the photos from Alyssa Beach Photography is an understatement! (here is an engagement photo for the meantime!) I met Lauren and her family at Bridal Extravaganza in July. L&C hired Water to Wine Events for Planning + Design in August, booked their venue in October, and the wedding was in December! What a whirlwind! Lauren and Corey were so sweet, and so much fun on their wedding day! Lauren was literally bouncing with happiness when I first saw her that morning, and we both cried when she saw the design we created for her reception with Monica's Brides! It was a fantastic way to close out the year!

Thank you to ALL the of the wonderful clients, wedding professionals, and loved ones who made 2019 such an amazing year of growth and joy!

Cheers, and happy 2020!