When to Send Your Wedding Invitations

"When should I send my invitations?" This is one of the most common questions I'm asked throughout the planning process! I'm sharing the most common timeline to send and receive each piece of your wedding stationery below.

Save the Dates: 6-8 months for local weddings, 9-12 months for destination and/or holiday weekend weddings

Invitations: 8-9 weeks is most standard (I suggest 9). You may send them 9-12 weeks if you haven't send Save the Dates previously.

RSVP Deadline: 4.5 weeks before your wedding. This gives a few days for late responses and a few days to follow up with guests before finalizing your floor plan and guest count with vendors.

There are some scenarios when you may want to consider sending your Save the Dates or invitations a little further out:

  1. You did not send Save the Dates (send your invitations 9-12 weeks out).

  2. Many of your guests are not local to the venue

  3. Your wedding is on a holiday weekend or other prime date. 10/10/20 or 04/03/21, for example.

  4. This one is specific to Houston, or at least the south: Your wedding is on a Saturday in March, April, October, or November.

If you have more in-depth questions about invitation wording and other stationery etiquette, you can visit our full guide here.

Happy planning!


Photo courtesy of BLVD Photography.